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ChatGPT: The Boogeyman of Talent Acquisition?

Kim Drinkall February 10, 2023
ChatGPT: The Boogeyman of Talent Acquisition?

ChatGPT is the latest craze on the internet, with thousands of conversations surrounding the tool happening every second. Many people are exploring this new technology and ways to wield AI to make life easier and more streamlined.

So, what are the real-world implications for recruitment and talent acquisition? Doom and gloom prophesies abound, with some claiming this is the end of recruitment as we know it. In fact, many recruiters are really losing their cool about it...



When job seekers use tools like ChatGPT, is it cheating?

This argument isn't new. It happens with every innovative technology on the scene, from freezer meals to calculators and even Google. So, what’s the deal?

AI can pump out a sparkling resume and flawless cover letter in a matter of seconds...

Do a quick Google search for resume and cover letter writers. They are everywhere, they are easy to access, and you’ve already hired people who have used their services.

Remember, AI generates information based on prompts. If you receive a cover letter that is essentially your job description regurgitated back onto the screen, whether that’s produced by the applicant or AI, is it compelling? No.

Using ChatGPT as a baseline from which they build their own unique material is a sign that an applicant is resourceful, values their time, uses current technology, and can leverage new tools. Remember that false information in a resume or cover letter can be easily discovered during the interview. In a recent SHRM article about ChatGPT, they point out that "Though ChatGPT is advanced technology, low-tech interviewing strategies remain effective at figuring out what is accurate, exaggerated or fabricated on a person's resume." However, if you’re really concerned about whether they've used AI, feed the text through an AI text detector, like Writer, and move on.

Afraid applicants will know your interview questions before the interview?

There are thousands of resources available that discuss frequently used interview questions and the answers interviewers like to hear.

If this makes you, as a recruiter, see red, remember that AI can’t capture the unique collection of experiences and perspectives that each applicant represents, nor the unique set of opportunities within your organization. These time-saving hacks have been around for years, but using AI-generated materials is simply a means of getting applicants to the end result faster.

Trying to stop candidates from using easily accessible and free tools like ChatGPT by enforcing rules and regulations on the candidate is like trying to catch smoke. The candidate experience will feel clunky, and your organization will seem antiquated and resistant to change, which is a turnoff to job seekers. Instead of trying to stop the inevitable, how can you use it to your advantage?

Can’t beat ‘em? Join ‘em.

How can recruiters benefit from ChatGPT?

Baseline Job Descriptions

Notice I said ‘baseline’. AI can produce great outlines for job descriptions to get the ball rolling and save your recruiting team valuable time. Will this churn out perfect job descriptions to fit every nuance of your open position? Absolutely not. However, it can cover the basics of the job. Input job requirements, desired skills, and other parameters, and watch AI produce a great outline for an intriguing job description.

The key is to expand on that baseline by adding what makes your company, and the job, unique and removing material that doesn’t apply. Talk about the types of projects, platforms, and technology that the job seekers will encounter, as well as how they can make an impact.

Time-saving Automation

The cost of doing work repeatedly can really stack up. For redundant tasks, always automate. Combining ChatGPT with your ATS or CRM could save countless work hours allowing you to focus on other demands that require personal attention. Use AI to generate a great outline for:

  • Automated application response emails
  • Emails detailing the hiring process
  • Enable job seekers to self-schedule interview times
  • Interesting interview questions
  • Chatbot content to answer FAQs and pre-qualify candidates

These automated communications are a baseline for Candidate Nurture.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is not the Boogeyman of Talent Acquisition but more like Frankenstein’s misunderstood creation.


While we don’t know the long-term implications, we do know that using AI to create an outline to be filled with color and texture is a fantastic way to save your team time and money. Instead of working against this remarkable tool, embrace the power and use it to your benefit.