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"To be a part of your success."


Customer Experience
We put a “customer lens” on everything. Beyond just customer success or satisfaction, we have an insatiable desire to enhance each customer’s experience as a whole.
Data Driven
We value responsible, informed decision-making. First, we rely on the data. Then, we leverage our experience and trust our instincts. This ensures we make recommendations that our customers can depend on.
Forward Motion
We celebrate swift and agile decision-making by encouraging teams to debate. decide. do. As problem-solvers, we adapt to change and always find a way. From customer projects to personal development – we move things forward.
By nature of what we do, we’re curious about new things, finding new ways, and developing new solutions for our customers. The ability to learn, adapt to, and welcome new practices and technologies is a guiding characteristic in all Wicresoft employees.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
It’s part of our culture to honor, celebrate, and grow our diversity, equity, and inclusion as a team. We seek to ensure fair treatment and equal access to opportunities and resources for all.


Wicresoft was founded in 2002 as a joint venture with Microsoft and has since grown into a leading advisory, solutions, and operations firm with more than 10,000 employees worldwide. ​

​The company brings end-to-end value to large enterprises and small businesses alike with proven expertise in IT infrastructure and cloud solutions, managed IT support, managed telecom services, and talent acquisition services. 

A broad portfolio of services positions Wicresoft to help with many aspects of a business, from the IT department to HR and recruitment initiatives.

Advising leaders on big picture thinking, providing necessary tools and solutions to fit the strategy, and managing daily operations where needed is our standard process.

Wicresoft was the 2019 recipient of Microsoft’s global Partner of the Year award, and 2020 Finalist, affirming a long history of dedication to advancing technologies and solutions.

It is our company values that help drive such accomplishments and help us to deliver on our daily mission: to be a part of your success.

Headquarters are located outside of Seattle, Washington, U.S. with offices throughout the states and United Kingdom. 

Wicresoft Team

Our People

Vinny Clements

Director of Sales

Chongli Gao

Director of Sales

Paul Wills

Vice President

Katie Hayward

Senior Director

Allen Girnus

Vice President, Finance and Operations

Stacey Shaw

Senior Director

Claire Phillips

Director of Marketing, UK

Darren Stringer

Managing Director, UK

Janie Hobson

Director of FinOps, UK

Mike Chamblin

Senior Director of Delivery

Joe Zarrehparvar



Gold Cloud Platform
Silver Application Development

Gold Partner

Gold Partner

Gold Partner

Business Partner

Gold Partner

Gold Partner

Select Partner

Silver Reseller

Agency Partner

Silver Partner

Microsoft Awards and Recognition


Microsoft Partner of the Year

“All of us at Wicresoft are extraordinarily proud of the recognition by Microsoft as Partner Of The Year for 2019. We are delighted that every member of our team is honored by the distinction of this global award and humbled by our team’s work ethic, ambitions, and execution built on the trust bestowed upon us by our customers.” –Joe Zarrehparvar, CEO

Silver Badge

Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist

Wicresoft was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Gold Partner Square COLOUR 2

Microsoft Certifications

Gold - Cloud Platform
Silver - DataCenter
Silver - Cloud Productivity
Silver - Application Development
Silver - Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions


Social Responsibility

Employee Donation Match Program

We support organizations that reflect our strong ethical principles. Wicresoft’s Employee Donation Match program matches 1:1 donations made by employees to the following organizations:


United Kingdom

United States

Employees are encouraged to nominate organizations that meet the following criteria:

Impact to Community org must focus on social justice, equality, and/or wellbeing within community

Connection to Employee employee must have been served by, or be an active advocate for, the organization

Aligned with Wicresoft aligns to Wicresoft’s position as a company

Vetted by Wicresoft all orgs must be deemed fit by Wicresoft


Wicresoft employees should send receipts of donation to to initiate the match

Employee Donation Match Program (1)

Environmental Sustainability + Economic Opportunity

With a largely remote workforce, we have less impact on the environment, and more impact on job opportunities in underserved communities.

By providing many of our full-time employees with the option to work from home, and equipment as needed, we are able to elevate our workforce with qualified talent who, due to systematic equalities or geographic lack of resources, may have struggled with access to tech jobs based on costly commutes or equipment requirements.

In locations where we do maintain physical locations, such as our two UK offices, our carbon footprint remains low with modest utilization of office space.

Environmental Sustainability + Economic Opportunity (1)

Strategy And Regulations

As a constantly evolving organization with new acquisitions and operations in different jurisdictions we have centered our social responsibility initiatives around strong ethical principles and our code of conduct provided to all employees.

We ensure that everyone who works for Wicresoft benefits from a working environment in which their fundamental human rights are respected and anyone that we do business with also upholds these principles.

While we work toward official documented compliance with international regulations such as UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UN’s International Labour Organization, we can demonstrate through actions that we are committed to the principles of equality, democracy and we respect the human rights of people of all ages, ethnicity, color and religion.

Social Responsibility Strategy And Regulations (1)

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