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About us

Get to know our story, our people, and our values.

Our story

Founded in 2002 as a Microsoft joint venture, Wicresoft is a global leader in advisory, solutions, and operations. We provide end-to-end value to businesses with expertise in IT services, telecom services, and talent acquisition. Our mission is to help clients achieve success through advising, providing tools, and managing operations. We are proud recipients of Microsoft's Global Partner of the Year award in 2019 and a finalist in 2020. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, U.S., with offices around the globe.

A part of your success

Wicresoft International has experienced significant growth in the United States and Europe, establishing a strong presence and expanding operations. We are a trusted partner for clients seeking innovative solutions and have made a mark in the United Kingdom as well. Our rich history reflects our commitment to delivering excellence globally.

2002: Wicresoft established

2007: Wicresoft International establishes office in Seattle, WA

2019: Wicresoft acquires managed telecom operations company

2020: Wicresoft adds recruitment marketing business

2020: Wicresoft acquires managed IT business in the United Kingdom

2023: Wicresoft partners with Kiefer Consulting

2024: Wicresoft acquires Finders SA

Unified in our mission

Though we span a broad spectrum of services, Wicresoft thrives as a unified entity. Each business unit enjoys the freedom to tailor its services to meet client needs, yet we're bonded by a common thread: leadership in our domains, a commitment to delivering customer-centric solutions, and a shared set of core values.


Wicresoft Leadership Team Photo





Global footprint and local teams

Wicresoft's global leadership is enriched by our business units, offering localized and responsive support. While we operate globally, our diverse teams ensure customer success by blending global expertise with a nuanced understanding of local markets. This seamless collaboration guarantees tailored solutions in technology, consulting, and other services, providing clients worldwide with a personalized and effective experience.

Strength in numbers

Wicresoft International has a strong global presence with offices worldwide, providing diverse services across the globe. While our main focus is on delivering exceptional services in the US United Kingdom and Europe, we have the added advantage of harnessing the expertise of our talented Wicresoft teams across the globe. With a staggering workforce of 12,000 employees, Wicresoft truly embodies strength in numbers.


Our people

Although our team is spread across two continents and operates globally, we are united in our mission. We are dedicated to our work and the promises we make to our clients.


Allen Grinus VP, FinOps Photo

Allen Grinus

VP, FinOps

Brittany DeVita Chief of Staff Photo

Brittany DeVita

Chief of Staff

Brian Wallace Director, Corporate Marketing Photo

Brian Wallace

Director, Corporate Marketing

Mike Chamblin Vice President, Managed Telecom Photo

Mike Chamblin

Vice President, Managed Telecom

Stacey Shaw Vice President, Talent Acquisition Photo

Stacey Shaw

Vice President, Recruitment Marketing

Amanda Reyer Director, Talent Acquisition Photo

Amanda Reyer

Director, Recruitment Marketing

Janie Hobson COO, Wicresoft UK Photo

Janie Hobson

COO, Wicresoft UK

Paul Wike Head of Sales, Wicresoft UK Photo

Paul Wike

Head of Sales, Wicresoft UK

Our values

Laurel Customer Experience Award Photo

The Wicresoft Way:

We are proud to not only commit to these values, but we also celebrate them. Learn more about our company values and what drives us.

Forward Motion

Customer Experience

Data Driven


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Wicresoft Gear Store Items

Company pride is always in style

Explore the diverse selection of merchandise at the Wicresoft gear shop, all emblazoned with our signature branding. Our company's ethos and the values upheld by our various business divisions are a source of immense pride for us. It's no wonder, then, that you'll often catch us decked out in Wicresoft attire, from head to toe.


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