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Finders SA: Recruitment and HR consultancy

We provide an integrated HR solution to meet the many and varied needs of your business

We specialize in helping organizations find middle and top management talent

HR's role transcends merely hiring exceptional individuals; it involves maximizing their potential within the organization. This understanding prompted Wicresoft to integrate Finders into its operations.

Finders stands out with its holistic approach to HR solutions.

We find top talents for companies across Switzerland and globally, leveraging both traditional and innovative strategies including executive search,  and advertising, using meticulous selection processes.

Our HR Consulting division takes a proactive stance in enhancing talent efficiency within companies. Utilizing advanced gap analysis techniques, we pinpoint developmental needs and implement a suite of interventions such as coaching, training, and comprehensive blended learning programs. These strategically designed initiatives are aimed at bolstering both individual and team performance to their peak potential. We also provide HR experts on a consultancy basis for operational and strategic interventions.

Operating from our bases in Lausanne and Geneva, Finders is dedicated to delivering bespoke, client-focused HR solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of organizations, regardless of their size.

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"We are committed to tangibly increasing the value of human capital, thereby contributing to corporate and individual success."

Linda Jaquillard, Director

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Our story

Since its inception, Finders has been committed to providing its clients with the best possible services in recruitment. Based in Lausanne and Geneva, we help companies find the managers they need in Switzerland or worldwide. 

Over time, our executive search agency has developed a range of complementary services. 

> In 2000, Finders officially opened its HR Consultancy division, providing HR experts on a consultancy basis to clients on an operational and strategic level.

> In 2005, we launched our executive coaching service to help managers develop their performance and leadership. 

> In 2017, we launched our Talent Development expertise, offering services in the areas of performance development via coaching and training. 

Over the past 30 years, we are proud to have led the way with innovative tools and concepts which increase the professionalism and quality of our services.  

The Finders team is composed of professionals in the recruitment and human resources industry in their respective fields of expertise.

Our values

We are driven by strong values and a passion for human resources that have enabled us to develop a range of services, including executive search/headhunting and coaching.  

  • We believe in our mission
  • We put ethics at the centre of everything we do
  • We are proud to be part of the Finders Team

Our reputation has been built on the efficiency and professionalism of our service and the discretion, experience and quality of each of our consultants


What Finders clients are saying about working with Finders

For over 30 years, Finders has helped many companies to recruit and develop the skills of their teams, in Switzerland and internationally. Discover the experience of our clients and candidates through their testimonials.  


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