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Service delivery & assurance 

A wide array of interconnected services that harness the power of strong industry relationships and specialized knowledge.


Services that improve service delivery & assurance

Service assurance & testing

Service assurance & testing

After installing circuits, Wicresoft conducts performance and interoperability testing to ensure new services meet standards and network compatibility. This involves setting up and testing new circuits in the customer’s EMS to monitor key performance indicators like network availability, service uptime, latency, and packet loss rates.

carrier access

Carrier access

Wicresoft’s Carrier Access Service helps clients provide service coverage to their customer base in areas without network infrastructure. Clients have access to seasoned engineers with ASR/LSR experience, order management, technical support, vendor awareness, and resources for seamless integration with partner carrier networks.

program and order management

Program & order management

Our experts oversee program planning, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance. We collaborate with internal and external partners to enhance service delivery and revenue recognition, managing end-to-end delivery within time, budget, and quality standards.

A revolutionary approach to managed telecom services delivery


Dedicated teams

We are dedicated to contributing to your success by providing scalable, flexible, and entirely US-based Network Engineering teams that are designed to handle high volumes, prioritize response time, and deliver guaranteed quality in accordance with SLAs.

An extension of your team

Leverage our teams to enhance accuracy and boost productivity. We seamlessly integrate with your organization, taking great care to accommodate your budget through our innovative price-per-task model.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Rest assured, you won't have to worry about the costs associated with errors, rejections, or reworks. We are committed to delivering our work at 100% accuracy, ensuring that you never have to pay for the same task twice.


Excellence and customer satisfaction

At Wicresoft, our top priority is delivering excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction. We specialize in providing businesses with dependable and adaptable telecom solutions that elevate efficiency to new heights.

Focused on better outcomes

At Wicresoft managed telecom, our dedication is to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed desired outcomes for every client. Through innovative solutions and a personalized approach, we drive success and make a lasting impact. Trust Wicresoft to elevate your telecom experience for remarkable achievements.

Case study

Tier 1 cable company

Wicresoft engineering teams have revolutionized operations in three key areas, enhancing Circuit Identification for seamless connectivity, bolstering Order Integrity for accurate and prompt processing of orders, and strengthening Network Compliance for a secure and reliable platform. Thanks to their expertise, we continue to set new benchmarks in the cable industry.

Reduction in rework


Reduction in error rates


SLA compliance


Increased ROI



Big expertise

We focus on the customer first, assessing each organisation's unique situation and future aspirations by listening and learning more about them. This allows us to tailor-make a plan to meet each new challenge with our wide range of IT services, solutions, and support options.

Service delivery

Best experience

We have been passionate about customer experience since day one. As the beacon that guides everything we do, we take customer feedback very seriously, ensuring that feedback is implemented into daily practices. 

Operational efficiency

Full transparency

Our commitment to transparency means we work with honesty and integrity no matter the situation. It’s in our DNA. Work with Wicresoft if you’re looking for frank feedback, honest answers, and clear processes. We vow to keep you in the know.  

Scale as business changes

Adjust your scale with market fluctuations—pay only for what you need without affecting your team.

Drive innovation and profitability

Achieve growth and meet SLAs with minimal investment, allowing your teams to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Wicresoft guarantees every engineering output at a task level. You only pay once, and we guarantee time and quality of each task.



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