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Serving Up Success: Top Hiring Tips for Restaurants

Serving Up Success: Top Hiring Tips for Restaurants

Below are three of our most valuable tips for restaurants to improve their recruitment process and provide a better candidate experience. 

(The information presented here is a condensed version of the Restaurant Recruitment Tips TAD Talk given by Wicresoft Talent Acquisition experts, Amanda Reyer and Kelly Dominguez.)

Diversify Your Recruitment Platforms

The restaurant industry is notorious for its high turnover rates, with some establishments experiencing a staggering 100% turnover. This means that as soon as one person is hired, another quits. To combat this, it's essential to: 

  • Expand Your Reach: Don't limit yourself to just one platform. While Indeed is a popular choice and often yields a high number of candidates, it's not the only game in town. Don't be afraid to test out platforms like ZipRecruiter, Snagajob, and Adzuna. They can be a valuable secondary source for candidates. 
  • Embrace Social Media: Regardless of the demographic you're targeting, social media is a good way to access your audience. Make it a cornerstone of your recruitment strategy. 
  • Leverage Niche Sites: Industry-specific sites like My Job Helper or can be goldmines for specialized talent. 

Cater to Gen Z

Gen Z often has high expectations for their employers. Here are some tips to get you started on the right path: 

  • Showcase Your Brand: Gen Z wants to see and feel your company culture, not just hear about it. Use testimonials, videos, and other interactive content to bring your brand to life. 
  • Highlight Growth Opportunities: Jobs are no longer lifelong. Adjust your model to support the development of employees to help them in their future careers.  This might include things such as a clear path to advancement within your company, scholarships, continuing education opportunities, and more.
  • Emphasize DE&I: Diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than just buzzwords to Gen Z. They want to see tangible evidence of your commitment in these areas.

Streamline Your Application Process

In today's fast-paced world, candidates expect fast responses. We're talking minutes, not days. Here are the best ways to meet and exceed that kind of expectation: 

  • Embrace Automation: Use tools that match candidates to jobs instantly or search your existing database for potential fits. 
  • Offer Instant Interviews: Allow candidates to sign up for interviews as part of the application process instead of just filling out an app. This cuts down the wait for both the candidate and recruiters alike and helps with some of the ghosting issues we see. 
  • Use Ethical AI: While AI can be a powerful tool, it's essential to ensure that the AI tools you use are designed specifically for talent acquisition and are non-discriminatory. Most of the AI out there right now has shown biases so it is important to watch what you use.  

To sum it up – by diversifying your recruitment platforms, catering a bit more to Gen Z’s needs, and streamlining your application and hiring process, you can stay ahead of the curve and attract top talent in the restaurant industry. Remember, we’re always here to help with your talent acquisition needs and have a wealth of experience in everything you read above. If you're interested in a complimentary audit of your current strategy, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy hiring!