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Strategic advisory services, technology solutions that drive growth, and managed operations to help your team achieve more.

    We're on a mission to be a part of your success

    We're on a mission

    to be a part of your success

    Most business challenges can be conquered with the right expertise, technology, and bandwidth. For more than 20 years, Wicresoft has helped clients overcome obstacles and accelerate success through strategic advisory, modern technology solutions, and managed operations.

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    "I really appreciate the Wicresoft team coming together so quickly to help protect Microsoft’s customers in response to a widespread malware incident. Thanks to you and your entire team for the hard work and dedication to delivering results for our business!"


    Sr. Software Engineer | Microsoft

    "We’ve worked with the Wicresoft team for over 20-years and look forward to continuing our partnership. They understand our business and support our recruiting team with every hiring challenge. Wicresoft has always been insightful and brings fresh perspectives and innovative thinking to our sourcing strategy, through the effective optimization of our advertising spend."


    Melissa Trocko
    Managing Director, Traditional Employment Services | Insperity

    "I’ve worked with the Wicresoft team for over five years now. They have knowledge of the industry and expertise that is vital to us achieving our recruitment goals. Wicresoft provides new ideas and excellent project management and they help us with a full range of recruitment services from software review to brand development."


    Shawnee Irmen
    VP of Talent Acquisition | Signature HealthCARE

    "Starting out as our preferred supplier for hardware, this has evolved over the years to include software, licensing, and cloud services. We have been a customer for a long time now, and unlike our experience with some other suppliers, their standards have never dropped over time. I also value their integrity and transparency around pricing which avoids time wasted playing negotiation games. Thank you Wicresoft!"


    Paul Gabriel
    IT Security & Infrastructure Manager | ECA International

    "Wicresoft provided a virtual training session on Microsoft Teams. We had no knowledge of Teams prior to the training session but, after training was received, we were able to successfully roll Teams out company-wide and we now use this every day. Sarah has been extremely helpful since the training session, in answering any additional questions that we have had. Thank you Wicresoft for introducing us to this fantastic application!"


    Michelle Merrifield
    Systems Coordinator | Phoenix Liability Services LLP

    "The team at Wicresoft never come up short. They are a safe pair of hands for all our IT needs. Excellent at providing top products and services. Even when budgets won’t stretch to the ideal solution, workable alternative suggestions are always forthcoming where possible. Standards have remained absolutely top-notch throughout Covid – you wouldn’t be aware that there were supply issues and shortages. They’ve just kept delivering everything we’ve asked for and more."


    Adrian Barker
    IT Manager | Ison Harrison Solicitors

    "We decided to review our 365 footprint, initially from a cost perspective, canvasing a number of companies including Wicresoft. In the end their cost and approach to the task at hand lead us to move to them. Since then, their friendly and helpful team have assisted ourselves in other areas and we continue to work closely with them. We would certainly recommend Wicresoft as a partner."


    Alen Baker
    IT Manager & DPO | Faltec Europe Ltd

    "My experiences of using Wicresoft to support our business have been exceptional. Their staff are knowledgeable and helpful, responding to our queries quickly to seek a prompt resolution. Whether it is a hardware or software issue, we know we can rely on one of the team helping us. If for whatever reason that person cannot help, they always find someone else in the team with the relevant knowledge or skills to progress our call. I would not hesitate in recommending Wicresoft."


    Ian Stove
    Test Engineer | FWG Sales Ltd

    "We recently re-structured and established an independent virtual business. As part of this process Wicresoft managed the specification, migration, establishment and support of our new Microsoft Office capability. Whilst not without challenge, the project ran as planned and client continuity was maintained throughout. The Wicresoft team involved were highly personable, easy to deal with, responsive to our needs and flexible in their approach. Consequently, I would have no hesitation in recommending Wicresoft as an IT provider of choice.”


    Les McCrae
    Managing Partner | Diligencia LLP

    “This IT transformation project has introduced a whole new way of working for us, enabling our teams to access business critical information, anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection and transition seamlessly between devices. Our IT environment allows us to work much faster and in a much more accessible way.”


    John Barker
    Partner | ARMA Litigation

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    Talent Acquisition - Home

    Talent Acquisition

    How can we help? We make recruitment and talent management look easy – because for us, it is. Delivering a host of recruitment tools that seamlessly integrate with your brand and precisely target your next hire; saving you money and time. Learn how.

    IT Services & Solutions - Home

    IT Services & Solutions

    As an end-to-end technology partner for IT services, solutions, and support, Wicresoft offers advice, transformational technology, and services together with full operational support capabilities. Supporting a full spectrum of IT needs all under one banner enables our clients to optimise productivity, build business resilience, and enhance cyber security posture, allowing them to move forward faster.

    Managed Telecom - Home

    Managed Telecom

    Helping top-tier telecom engineering groups with error reduction, scaling during unplanned growth, optimizing personnel, service delivery interval reduction, eliminating equipment waste, and much more. 

    Industry Insights

    Cyber Zero: Revolutionizing Cyber security with PAYAA

    Cyber Zero: Revolutionizing Cyber security with PAYAA

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    We understand the challenge businesses are facing when it comes to security. Cyber security is not just a necessity; it’s a critical component of any...

    Copilot for Microsoft 365: The best place to start

    Copilot for Microsoft 365: The best place to start

    by WicresoftFebruary 09, 2024

    Digital transformation is at the forefront when it comes to enhancing efficiency and driving innovation. AI technologies like Copilot for Microsoft...

    Boost Your Cyber Security for the New Year: 3 Essential Steps for Success

    Boosting Cyber Security for the New Year: 3 Essential Steps for Success

    by WicresoftNovember 29, 2023

    As the year comes to a close, it's important to focus on setting our customers up for success in the upcoming year. One major aspect of this process...

    9 Common Ways Password Security is Breached

    9 Common Ways Password Security is Breached

    Kim DrinkallNovember 13, 2023

    Businesses face numerous password security challenges, including phishing, malware, brute force attacks, and more, necessitating robust cyber...


    ChatGPT: The Boogeyman of Talent Acquisition

    February 10, 2023

    ChatGPT is the latest craze on the internet, with thousands of conversations surrounding the tool happening every second. Many people are exploring...


    Improving Candidate Experience - The Application Process

    February 7, 2023

    You have captured the attention of a job seeker, so they come to your site to research the organization, watch videos, and learn more about who you...


    Disconnecting Legacy and Dormant Network Circuits

    February 7, 2023

    As faster networks are deployed to meet customer demand, companies often leave behind an inventory of outdated equipment and capacity...


    IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM): Explained

    August 26, 2023

    It's true for all modern operations: every business is at risk. The level of risk varies from a temporary service disruption...


    Talent Acquisition 

    Talent Strategy Analysis
    Employee Value Proposition Analysis
    Recruitment Media Audits
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops

    IT Services

    IT Strategy & Transformation
    Microsoft Advisory Services
    Cyber-Security Audits

    Telecom Managed Services
    Network Engineering Advisory
    Process Improvement
    Capabilities Assessment
    Resource Management


    Talent Acquisition

    Custom Career Websites
    Recruitment Metrics Platform
    Employer Brand Development
    Social Media Strategies

    IT Services
    IT Infrastructure Solutions
    SaaS Subscription Services
    Microsoft 365 & Azure
    Backup & Recovery
    Unified Comms
    Internet Connectivity


    Talent Acquisition

    Recruitment Media Management
    Job Posting
    Job Description Creation
    Market Research
    Recruiter Partnership

    IT Services

    IT Support
    Managed IT Services
    Project Management
    Technical Services

    Telecom Managed Services
    Program and Order Management
    Order Integrity and Compliance
    Network and Circuit Design
    Provisioning and Activation
    Service Assurance and Testing

    Company Values

    Wicresoft Customer Logos (4)

    To be a part of your success is our one and only mission. Everything we do is with that in mind. We are relentless in the pursuit of your success.

    Customer Experience

    Beyond just customer success or satisfaction, we are obsessed with our customer's experience as a whole.

    Data Driven

    We value responsible, informed decision-making. First, we rely on the data. Then, we leverage our experience and trust our instincts.

    Forward Motion

    We celebrate swift and agile decision-making. We are problem-solvers who adapt to change and always find a way.


    The ability to learn, adapt to, and welcome new practices/tech is a guiding characteristic in all Wicresoft employees.

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    We seek to ensure fair treatment and equal access to opportunities and resources for all.

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