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We'll cut to the chase: TAD Talks are fast, only facts, and fully actionable.

They cover a range of subjects that you can review at your leisure and quickly put to work in your own recruitment marketing.

Perfect for those who have a problem, or want to know more, but don't have time for the "long version."  

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Meet Our Experts

The team here at Wicresoft likes to wax lyrical on a range of recruitment marketing subjects. 

Paul Wills

Even with 30 years in recruitment, Paul still delights in the endless variety of possible approaches and technologies impacting the industry. His dry wit and droll British accent have led Wicresoft successfully through the great recession which saw many competitors vanish. 

Stacey Shaw

Stacey’s 25 years of experience in the recruitment marketing industry have made her a trusted partner with clients - many of which have been clients for most of that time. Her finely tuned intuition, coupled with her industry insights makes Stacey a formidable addition to her clients’ team.

Laura Martinelli

Laura brings 20 years of recruitment experience to the table. She is consumed with knowing better so she can do better. She loves being part of a company’s success, from optimizing recruitment marketing to hiring supreme beings who elevate the team. As a fierce ally, equality and inclusion are at the center of everything Laura does.

TAD Talks



How Indeed Works

Paul, Stacey, and Lori discuss the mysteries of the Indeed algorithm, answering why you can’t find your ad and explaining exactly how it works.




Incorporating Diversity Wins

The importance of boasting about the diversity within your organization. Your candidate pool wants to know who you are as a company.

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FAQs: Media Optimization

Paul and Stacy discuss and answer some of the most common questions clients have about media optimization.

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Gender Wording

How Gender wording can impact the return on your job posting and why?

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Media Optimization

A discussion on how to get the most from your media spend. Paul and Stacey discuss some tips and tricks to ensure that your media spend are optimized and ROI maximized.

Media Optimization


A Platinum Candidate Experience

How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? How can you give the candidate a memorable interviewing experience? How can you use the Interview as a data collection opportunity? Paul and Brittainy discuss just how you can give the candidate a platinum experience.

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DEI Basics

Pam and Laura discuss some DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) basics that, while basic, are key to successful diversity recruiting.

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Employer Brand

How do you portray authenticity in your recruitment marketing? Join a discussion that illuminates how and why you need an authentic and aspirational employment brand.

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Social Media

Recruitment-specific social media channels are no longer nice to have. Candidates expect them and they give an organization a chance to show their personality and really portray the authentic brand.

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Recruiter Effectiveness

Just why should you use a recruitment marketing agency? What’s in it for your organization. What’s the return? Paul and Laura provide several good reasons for your consideration.

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