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Candidate Nurturing: Break the Cycle

Stop contributing to media dependence

What is Candidate Nurturing ?

Candidate nurturing helps turn passive talent into successful hires by nurturing the existing relationship.

Did an applicant not fit a particular role but would be a good fit for another position within the company down the road? Nurturing that relationship means staying in contact with the applicant and ensuring a positive experience so they will want to reapply when another role opens. 

See how staying in touch with your past applicants will help your team decrease spending on traditional media, shorten time-to-fill, and much more.

Candidate Nurturing

How Does Wicresoft's Candidate Nurturing Program Work?


Our program identifies good candidates that already live within your ATS and markets engaging information to them consistently, automatically, and with no impact on recruiter bandwidth.

The program utilizes pre-screened, self-selecting, qualified candidates (already a resident within your candidate pipeline) who will eventually be open to the discussion of a new opportunity. It nurtures that initial interest in your company over time with engaging information that is marketed strategically and embodies a range of content mediums.

It not only changes the behavior of your candidate pool, but it works with your recruiter team to place more focus on the candidates you already have, rather than the ones that can be acquired through yet another media spend.

Why Nurture?

The job market is more competitive than ever. With passive talent being the bulk of the talent pool, 78% of companies are reporting being unable to find enough candidates in the market to fill their open roles. Here are a few benefits of utilizing a Candidate Nurturing strategy:

Recruiter Bandwidth Icon
Recruiter Bandwidth

This strategy can be set up so that it goes 24/7 with minimal tweaking. Set up the assets, establish a distribution calendar, and press send. Now your recruiter can focus on the other multitude of tasks they have to do.

Candidate Pipeline Veracity Icon
Candidate Pipeline Veracity

Because you will be wooing the candidates, they will be more receptive to your outreach than to your competitors. When recruiters send job openings, they will get a second glance because candidates will recognize the name as a company of interest rather than spam.

Differentiation Icon

This is vital in the sale of any product. Why you not them? It is likely your competitor is doing little to distinguish themselves and is just adding clutter to the email noise. This is good for you. Take this chance to stand out.

Increasing ROI Icon
Increasing ROI

Having the habit and the strategy of continuing to market to the product of your recruitment advertising spend, the candidates, is not only going to increase the life of the spend, but also the ROI on it. Done effectively this can impact, if not reduce, the spend on media and agencies.

Candidate Experience Icon
Candidate Experience

The recruitment process culminates in an offer or a rejection. The emotional investment by the candidate is not insignificant, and yet unless a job offer is forthcoming the company will frequently “ghost” them. Continuing to foster a positive relationship with former prospective candidates will be to your benefit.


What are the first steps?

Why nurture candidates?

What outcomes can I expect?


TADtalk - Candidate Nurturing

Candidate Nurturing


Paul and Stacey discuss how nurturing candidates within the pipeline generates a slew of benefits, including reduced time-to-hire, increased brand awareness, and more.

Benefits of Candidate Nurturing

Benefits of Candidate Nurturing


How nurturing candidates within the pipeline generates a slew of benefits, including reduced time-to-hire, increased brand awareness, and more.

TAD Talk - Recruiter Effectiveness

Recruiter Effectiveness

TAD Talk

Just why should you use a recruitment marketing agency? What’s in it for your organization. What’s the return? Paul and Laura provide several good reasons for your consideration.

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"I’ve worked with the Wicresoft team for over five years now. They have knowledge of the industry and expertise that is vital to us achieving our recruitment goals. Wicresoft provides new ideas and excellent project management and they help us with a full range of recruitment services from software review to brand development."

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"We’ve worked with the Wicresoft team for over 20 years and look forward to continuing our partnership. They understand our business and support our recruiting team with every hiring challenge. Wicresoft has always been insightful and brings fresh perspectives and innovative thinking to our sourcing strategy, through the effective optimization of our advertising spend."

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"I've worked with the Wicresoft team for years. Their commitment to service and the way they partner with me is exceptional. They bring a lot of knowledge to the table and most important of all, they deliver results. Any challenges that come our way, they find a solution."

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