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Beyond On-Prem: Your Cloud Migration Roadmap

Kim Drinkall November 02, 2023
Beyond On-Prem: Your Cloud Migration Roadmap

Thinking about transitioning from on-prem to the cloud, but not sure of what that process looks like? This blog is for you. We at Wicresoft are at the forefront of modernising and enhancing legacy systems, guaranteeing your organisation's utmost security and productivity. Take a look at this step-by-step, high-level overview:


We start by evaluating the current infrastructure. This means accounting for hardware, software, data, and network configurations. During this step, we also assess the business needs and recommend a cloud provider based on that data. 

Design & Architecture

Considering the business's unique needs like scalability, security, current procedures, and compliance, we design a specialized cloud environment. Once that is complete, the migration strategy is decided upon. Common options include: 

  • Rehosting (Lift and Shift): Moving infrastructure to the cloud without any modification, for example, we would migrate a server as it is directly to the cloud. 
  • Refactoring: Making minor adjustments to the application for a cloud environment. 
  • Rearchitecting: Redesigning parts of the application to better fit cloud-native features. 
  • Rebuilding: Completely redesigning and recoding the application for the cloud. 
  • Replacing: Discarding the old application and using a cloud-native solution.


Once the method for execution is agreed upon for your unique business needs, it's time to launch the migration. The migration starts with all data moving to the cloud, followed by all applications which are supported by their respective vendors. Once everything is successfully transferred over, a rigorous testing period begins ensuring all data and applications are accessible and functioning properly.

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This step is highly dependent on the method migration style, not being necessary in all situations. When called for, the team turns its attention toward efficiency and assesses whether there are areas where performance can be optimized through performance tuning. They will continually review and adjust cloud resources to avoid any potential unnecessary costs and ensure security compliance. 

Management & Operations

The environment is self-sustaining at this stage of the migration, so our team can take a step back. If a backup system has been implemented, we will use cloud-native tools to continually monitor the cloud infrastructure, including aspects like health, performance, and security. 

The system will undergo regularly scheduled backups to protect against data loss and potential outages. Updates and patches will also be applied to prevent any vulnerabilities. 

Decommissioning On-Prem Infrastructure

Once we’re certain the on-prem infrastructure is no longer needed and you’re comfortable with the transition, we start decommissioning the on-prem system. This involves shutting down servers, storage, and non-essential network equipment, and potentially selling, recycling, or repurposing them.

Continuous Improvement

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is the opportunity for rapid innovation. Staying updated with new services and features provided by the cloud vendor will ensure your environment is continuously improving and becoming more efficient. 


Transitioning from on-prem to the cloud can be intimidating, but Wicresoft are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible. Our highly skilled team is primed to evaluate your specific needs and steer you toward solutions that not only fortify your business but also augment operational efficiency. If you’re interested in hearing about one of our client’s experiences with this service, watch our video about transitioning ARMA to the cloud. 

By investing in modern, secure solutions, businesses can safeguard their sensitive data, protect their reputation, and ensure they remain compliant with ever-evolving regulations. Don't wait for a breach to happen; take proactive measures today. Contact us today to get your transition started!