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Cyber Zero: Revolutionizing Cyber security with PAYAA

by Wicresoft March 26, 2024

We understand the challenge businesses are facing when it comes to security. Cyber security is not just a necessity; it’s a critical component of any successful business strategy. Traditional cyber security models often lock businesses into expensive, flat-rate contracts regardless of the actual level of threat or incident occurrence. Wicresoft is proud of our partnership with Zepko, an industry leader in cyber security. Zepko’s groundbreaking Cyber Zero model challenges the norm, by offering a unique Pay As You Are Attacked (PAYAA) approach, ensuring businesses only pay for the Cyber Security services they need, when they need them.


The PAYAA Model: A New Era in Cyber Security

Gone are the days of overpaying for Cyber Security. The Cyber Zero model introduces a logically enhanced PAYAA system, replacing traditional  security operations center (SOC) services. This model means zero incidents per month – you get continuous protection with a service that zeroes out all incidents, including hundreds of false positives every week. This approach not only maximises efficiency but also significantly cuts down on unnecessary expenditures.


Your Security, Your Rules:

Cyber Zero offers three flexible service models. Zepko works with all different businesses and sizes.

Zepko's distinctive method for SOC, is aimed at helping to safeguard your environment, while also empowering your organisation to develop capacity and abilities that enhance your IT teams to strengthen your digital protections. There are 3 flexible service models:

Done for you: Comprehensive support against all cyber threats.

Done with you: A collaborative approach where you manage significant incidents with Cyber Zero’s backing.

You do it: Empower your team with Cyber Zero’s technology and processes while retaining full responsibility for threat management.

These options, coupled with the freedom to switch plans with 30 days' notice, provide unparalleled flexibility to tailor Cyber Security to your specific needs.


Cyber Zero Information is delivered through various assets:

  • Risk Use-case Definitions
  • Incident Management Playbook
  • Vulnerability Action Report
  • Client Cyber Maturity Framework
  • KRR Report
  • Cyber Security Register
  • Metrics that Matter Dashboard
  • Risk Reduction Plan
  • Incident Assessment Report
  • Cyber BCP


Cyber Security Broken down into 4 Incident Groups

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 5.05.21 PM

Simplified Executive Approval and On-Demand Bonus Services

Cyber SecuritySome organisations may still prefer a fully-managed SOC, but Zepko is offering more choices that provide the services that are in demand using a model that suits the client wherever they are in their journey to build a dependable and cost-effective defence. The PAYAA model is innovative, as it makes the executive approval process easier. Its transparent 'pay by the attack' billing system offers clarity and cost-efficiency. Moreover, Cyber Zero covers essential services like anti-ransomware, data loss prevention, managed detection and response, and vulnerability management as standard offerings, improving your Cyber Security maturity.


A Living Library of Information Assets

Cyber Zero equips you with a wealth of governance-based documents, updated regularly, to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged. This library is a crucial resource in maintaining an informed and proactive cyber security posture.


Tailored for Every Business

Cyber Zero is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that businesses of varying sizes and industries have distinct cyber security needs. Our experts are ready to offer a tailored introduction to Cyber Zero, ensuring a solution that resonates with your unique requirements.


Cyber Zero: A Cost-Effective, Flexible, and Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution

Zepko’s Cyber Zero offering is a paradigm shift in cyber security management. It’s a system designed not just to react to cyber threats but to predict, prevent, and nullify them efficiently and cost-effectively. It’s time to rethink how we approach cyber security – with Cyber Zero, you’re not just protected; you’re proactively securing your digital future, paying only for what you need, when you need it. Imagine no more cyber security risks, vulnerabilities, and attack.