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Employee Spotlight

Wicresoft promotes Stephanie Morland

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Wicresoft promotes Brittany DeVita

February 2024 – We are pleased to announce that Brittany DeVita, formerly known as our Executive Business Partner, has been promoted to the role of Chief of Staff. This change..

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Wicresoft promotes Janie Hobson

February 2024 – We are delighted to announce a significant milestone within Wicresoft UK. Janie Hobson, our Finance & Operations Director for Wicresoft UK, has been promoted to..

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Wicresoft Mourns the Passing of President Paul Wills

Bellevue, Washington — With deep sadness, Wicresoft announces the passing of its President, Paul Wills, on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, in Dallas, Texas. Throughout much of his..

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Rising Stars: The Impact of Wicresoft's Junior Engineering Program

Wicresoft's Junior Engineering Program is more than just a training ground; it's a career catalyst. This unique initiative seamlessly merges academic learning with hands-on..

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Attracting More Qualified Candidates with Pay Transparency

Pay transparency has become a pivotal topic in the talent acquisition landscape. As companies vie for top talent, revealing compensation details can significantly influence the..

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