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Is it Time to Transform?

Meet your transformational technology team

Why Transform?

You may be...

  • Overwhelmed by the "white noise" in your business
  • Unsure how to navigate your way through changes in the workplace environment and working model
  • Frustrated by aging technology hindering your progress
  • Worried about your business being cyber-attacked
  • Feeling the pressure of regulatory compliance
  • Fighting to survive escalating energy prices or labour shortages.

It doesn't have to be this way!

Wicresoft's Transformational Technology Team (TTT) can help you embark on your transformation journey and take your organisation to the next level.

Transformational Technology Team

Whatever your “transformation trigger,” Wicresoft’s Transformational Technology Team is here to help.

Many organisations now recognise that transformation is key to taking their business further, faster and there is often a specific trigger which drives this need for change.

We recognise that the transformation of both business and technology is happening with increased velocity and, increasingly, technology transformation relies on cultural change at a business level. We also acknowledge that change can often be intimidating and uncomfortable, but it is also inevitable.

That’s why Wicresoft has put together a Transformational Technology Team - a team of experts from across all areas of the business, including technology specialists and business specialists. Our team will work with people at all levels within your organisation to help address your specific transformation triggers, drive change, and support you in taking your business to the next level.

How We Help You Transform

Infrastructure Transformation Icon
Infrastructure Transformation

Innovative, next-generation servers, storage, networking solutions and client devices from leading global vendors and new market entrants. 

Cloud Transformation Icon
Cloud Transformation

Transition some, or all, of your business applications to the private, hybrid or public cloud working in partnership with key players such as Azure, AWS and IONOS. 

Business Transformation Icon
Business Transformation

Business services such as staff training and awareness, optimising and developing your M365 environment or helping your organisation become Cyber Essentials accredited – enabling your organisation to become more productive, more resilient, more secure and more sustainable. 


Choose Wicresoft for...

People & technology Specialists Icon

People & Technology Specialists

We focus on the customer first, assessing each organisation's unique situation and future aspirations by listening and learning more about them. This allows us to tailor-make a plan to meet each new challenge with our wide range of IT services, solutions, and support options.

Obsessive About Customer Experience Icon

Customer Experience

We have been passionate about customer experience since day one. As the beacon that guides everything we do, we take customer feedback very seriously, ensuring that feedback is implemented into daily practices. 

Full Transparency Icon

Full Transparency

Our commitment to transparency means we work with honesty and integrity no matter the situation. It’s in our DNA. Work with Wicresoft if you’re looking for frank feedback, honest answers, and clear processes. We vow to keep you in the know.  

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