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First, we partner with your team to discuss your goals and objectives. Our talent acquisition experts review and evaluate your existing social media and website content to ensure we replicate the unique cadence, voice, and tone of your company.

We include recommendations on how to get your organization behind this effort and the steps needed to grow your audience through free and paid sources. Once you are confident in the strategy we have outlined, we will move to content creation.


We will talk about areas where we can source information for our team to utilize, as well as repurpose existing content with an employment spin. As our partnership progresses, we will begin to generate content without needing much input.

Our team will develop a content calendar and the content to fill it out. All content is generated a month in advance to allow your legal and marketing teams to review and ensure compliance. 


Managing your social media is a must as comments emerge. Job seekers often ask questions about their application status. Having a social media channel of your own allows these concerns to be addressed quickly.

Whether our team manages these comments or you do, we highly recommend keeping an eye out.


Lastly, we will establish a metrics platform for you to oversee and review performance. Depending on your goals, we will track and analyze data centered around followers, engagement, conversions, website sessions, and more.

We conduct monthly meetings where you will not only review content but also discuss your metrics outcomes and continuing goals. 

Benefits of Working with Wicresoft

We offer a comprehensive social media strategy. Paid and organic, images and graphics, ideas and copy. We generate a compelling recruitment-focused social media presence - not an automated method to spam jobs across the internet.
Nimble Delivery
Nimble Delivery
All content we create is ready for your review a month in advance. Our account team works at your speed with timely responses and dedicated support.
Recruitment marketing is unlike brand marketing. You need to understand who the people are that work for you, want to work for you, and those that do not. We are experts at this.
We operate on a retainer-based model focused on platforms we think will perform well. If you do not have video content, we would not recommend Instagram - simple as that. You determine the extent and scope of your company's needs and we deliver.
This is not our first rodeo. We have worked with clients across a range of industries generating and managing this content. Our team of experts boasts over 28 years of talent acquisition experience.
Dedicated Partnership
Dedicated Partnership
Our partnership is a true partnership. We guide you through the entire process, constantly providing you with content ideas and suggestions. Ongoing assistance is always included in the scope of our work.

We'll turn social media into the most powerful talent marketing and acquisition tool in your arsenal. Get started today.

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