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What exactly are your job boards doing for you?

Chances are, you have hiring goals to meet and a limited budget. Get the most out of your sponsored job postings with Wicresoft.

Wicresoft has audited thousands of job listings for organizations improving cost-per-hire, increasing click-thru rates, and reducing cost-per-click and overall cost-per-application.


Report Examination
Report Examination
Our experts look at your reports (among other boards) from a high level and break down the results into actionable items. A less than optimal report does not always mean more money should be added to your budget, and we're here to prove it.
Consolidated Invoicing
Consolidated Invoicing
Spend less time on expense reports and more on what you do best. We handle the administrative work and provide combined invoices for all of your job postings.
Time-Saving Management
Time-Saving Management
Not only do we offer an explanation and suggestions of how to improve, but we can also implement these changes and monitor them for you. Your dedicated account manager will handle your job listing strategy so you can focus on staffing.
Brand Representation
Brand Representation
We work on representing your brand on your paid media page so it acts as a career website. Utilizing this page creates a better candidate experience and allows job postings to be optimized by search engines.
Dedicated Partnership
Dedicated Partnership
Ours is a true partnership. We speak with clients at their discretion, whether that is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to review performance and provide recommendations.


How is your service free? 

Media outlets pay agencies like ours a commission to manage a company’s page. Wicresoft does all the interactive account work, adds value, and delivers results.  We do the audit, optimization, and management, all at no cost to you.

Does it disrupt our relationship with the outlet? 

Nope! We work with media outlets, not against them. We know you love your rep, but it sure would save time if we handled all of those communications, right?

Is there a contract? 

No, your partnership with Wicresoft is at will and never requires a contract for media management services.

Why do you conduct an audit? 

We conduct the complimentary audit to determine what's working, what you could do better, and how to get the most bang for your buck. The audit helps our experts perform a detailed analysis of your metrics. Once it is complete we offer explanations and suggestions of how to improve. You can take these suggestions or we can implement the changes and monitor them - allowing you to focus on staffing.

How does this work logistically? 

Once you decide Wicresoft will begin managing your media account, you simply send an email to your current rep and copy the Wicresoft Client Services team. From there the Client Services team will step in and begin working with your media contact to get your account set up and accessed by our team. You will have a point of contact from our team whom you will begin immediately working with. We make the transition smooth and make sure your rep is in the loop. We join the team without joining your payroll!

Allow us to audit your performance today.
The analysis costs you nothing.

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