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2 - TABU - Pam Hord
Pam Hord

For 18 years, Pamela Hord has worked to bring Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion to the talent acquisition industry. Her love for 'Connecting Great People to Great Companies, has reshaped Company Cultures in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, infrastructure, and IT. Pam's HR background, along with extensive experience in diversity recruiting, has served her in effectively creating meaningful, lasting DEI Strategies that transforms for the modern workplace.

2 - TABU - Laura M
Laura Martinelli

Here we go, quick in and out and nobody gets hurt.  I bring 20 years of recruitment experience to this table we all wine and dine at and I am consumed with knowing better so I can do better, both at work and at play.  My lifelong involvement in theatre and dance has contributed to my ability to communicate with people, build trust, adapt and most importantly, to listen.  I love being a part of a company’s success, whether it’s optimizing their recruitment marketing or hiring supreme beings to elevate the team.  I am a fierce ally and equality and inclusion are at the center of everything I do. Oh and Tacos. Those are a little up and to the right of everything I do.