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Case Study

Healthcare Company Recruitment Marketing Advisory Case Study

At a glance


As a fast-paced and growing healthcare organization, our client was challenged with uniting its workforce while enlarging it. 


Wicresoft worked with our client to address key areas, including Employer Brand, Career Website, and Recruiter Bandwidth.


The brand is easily available in a series of compelling formats for recruiters, and the company saw an increase in key buys.

Wicresoft partnered with a large healthcare organization to unify the brand of the multifaceted company as it grew.

Unifying a brand comprised of several acquired companies is no easy feat. See how we helped bring together this patchwork quilt healthcare company to become a mega brand and employer of 17,000+ workers.



As a fast-paced and growing organization, this Healthcare Company had the challenge of uniting its workforce while enlarging it. This unification of cultures was made even more challenging by a series of acquisitions and a view to more in the future.  

Another challenge faced by the recruiting team was that their primary creative support is an internal marketing department, “The Agency”. The competence of this agency was not in question; however, the bandwidth to serve recruiting and marketing needs was in question. As such, the turnaround times and access to marketing support tools were restricted. A critical strategic miss was the inability to get time on the calendars to adequately address the branding and website needs of the recruiting organization.  

This Healthcare Company competes in an ultra-competitive recruitment segment. The business's success is directly tied to the efficiency of the talent acquisition team, and any dilution in recruitment marketing competence impacts overall revenue.


Wicresoft worked with the Healthcare Company to address key areas:
  • Employer Brand 
  • Career Website 
  • Recruiter bandwidth 

The Agency had executed a brand strategy that had value and resonance within the patient community. The growth of the Healthcare Company as a whole provides a data-driven testimony to that reality. The challenge lay in refining that brand to address the specific recruitment community that the Talent Acquisition team needed to impact.  

Wicresoft worked with key stakeholders to take the existing marketing message and refine it to be a voice for their recruitment marketing. 

The process was an abbreviation of our preferred deep qualitative dive, but still very effective. Our process involved assembling a small group of targeted stakeholders that could provide the specific insight into the detail of the employee experience. This was primarily a team assembled from Marketing and Talent Acquisition. Our conversations included 1:1 interviews inquiring about the work experience with the Healthcare Company. Questions included what makes employees successful, what makes employees fail, what is unique about the work environment, and much more.

These groups and 1:1 conversations were coupled by a review of the current: 

  • Brand guidelines 
  • Recruitment collateral 
  • Career website 
  • Job postings 
  • Media contracts
  • Employee engagement surveys 

The analysis conducted in the Advisory stage of our process enabled us to build a series of solutions that addressed the challenges of: 

  • Refining the marketing brand to a relatable recruitment brand 
  • Revising the career website to tell the story of the SHC employee experience in a more engaging manner using current recruitment technologies 
  • Providing additional bandwidth to front-line recruiters through media negotiation, metrics tracking, and job posting placement 
  • Making recruitment materials available to recruiters that engage experienced candidates 


  • The brand is easily available in a series of compelling formats for recruiters, on an as-needed basis. 
  • Close monitoring of media contracts resulted in a 5% performance improvement of key buys. These buys represent over $500,000 investment, and as such, the 5% improvement is significant. 
  • Detailed monthly review of media performance metrics that provides a solid foundation for discussion on how to change the focus of the recruitment strategy based on need, performance, and impact. 
  • The new career website is currently nearing completion. 

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