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Managed telecom case studies

Circuit Design Construction Updates-1
Circuit Design

Construction Updates

Managed a team responsible for providing timely updates to outside plant infrastructure, including waves, fiber type, and other critical details requiring redesigns.

Requests per Month


SLA Compliance


Error Reduction


Quality Control

Provided centralized support for upstream and downstream activities, ensuring accurate order validation, configuration, and delivery.

Orders Completed per Month


of Total Orders Identified & Resovled


Error Reduction


SLA Compliance

Engineering Quality Control
Carrier access order coordination
Carrier Access

Access Order Coordination

Worked with numerous carriers on new offnet orders spanning quoting, ordering, implementation, and testing.

Vendors Coordinated per Day

Offnet Orders Completed per Month

Orders Completed in Total

Circuit Design

Fiber Verification

Worked with construction and outside plant design for corrections on new orders.

Redesigns Completed per Month


SLA Compliance

Circuit Design Fiber Verification (1)
Migration Facility Move

Facility Move

Large-scale program. Worked closely with teams, including construction, outside plant, tech ops, and engineering, to move all equipment and circuits for a major urban facility.

Project involved coordinating with multiple carriers, upgrading equipment, and testing new systems to ensure a seamless transition.

Ports Moved in Manhattan

Fiber Ribbons Moved in Manhattan

Overnight Maintenance Windows Completed

Days Completed


CPE Swap

Helped customers identify and replace end-of-life equipment, providing all necessary engineering support and configuring new equipment.

The project ensured seamless upgrades and minimal disruption to service.

Partners Coordinated
Internal Boundary

Page Produced M&P Document

Swaps Completed per Week

Engineering CPE Swap

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