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Case Study

Tier 1 Cable Provider

At a glance


Tier 1 service provider needed to improve service delivery efficiencies for fiber-based enterprise services across three groups.


Leveraging a crawl, walk, run mentality, the new outsourced team was fully onboarded and functional within three weeks.

Results & Benefits

Client saw a 30% increased ROI, 88% reduction in error rates, 50% reduction in rework, and 99.5% SLA compliance plus many more benefits.


A Tier 1 service provider needed to improve service delivery efficiencies for fiber-based enterprise services across three groups:

Order Management

As an order is sold and enters the engineering process, validation of the customer request is required. A Telcordia standard CLLI code needs registered for the customer’s physical site, a circuit ID needs be generated and communicated, along with documenting the high-level design of the circuit in the inventory tool. This includes reviewing billing information, ASRs, inventory tools, and customer contracts.

Quality Assurance

After the physical transport of the service is identified and designed (whether on-net, off-net, or new construction), a thorough verification of the order is required before proceeding to the circuit design tasks. This includes validating the physical transport (including construction/outside plant design information or third-party provider information). This also includes confirming or clarifying the customer request and all details, avoiding rework and delays further along in the service delivery process.

Network Compliance

After a new service (or an upgrade or change request) is fully delivered to the customer, validation is required to ensure the correct service and details were delivered, that the service is implemented across the network following network standards and practices, and that the inventory tool reflects the circuit on the network accurately and according to documentation standards and practices.

Workforce Challenges

Workforce Challenges

  • Budget constraints limiting employee hiring
  • Constant shifts in order volume
  • Identifying, allocating, and retaining skilled personnel
  • Service delivery interval - time to market
  • Order accuracy and reject rate leading to delays and high costs
  • Standardization and adherence to company standards and practices


To improve order turn times, decrease spending, and ramp up talent quickly with the right expertise to ensure quality deliverables, Wicresoft was hired to review and revise current processes and procedures streamlining productivity, eliminating blockers, and optimizing the overall enterprise ordering process.

Leveraging a crawl, walk, run mentality, the new Wicresoft-outsourced team was fully onboarded and functional within three weeks.

Once commercial orders were received, the client leveraged the outsourced team to enter data in the inventory tool, verify customer service locations and validate or create CLLIs in Telcordia CLONES, as well as create Circuit IDs in the inventory tool. The Quality Assurance Team then verified ASRs, fiber designs, equipment, cables, paths, route information, and IP addresses, to ensure all components were available to create the detailed circuit design without delay.

After the order had been tested and turned up, the Network Compliance team verified the actual assignments in the field against the design in the inventory tool, to guarantee that the documentation reflected the appropriate configuration.

We quickly saw a massive increase in order fulfillment,

3,400 orders grew to 8,000 orders per month.












  • Improved customer service
    consistent order turn times

  • Decrease in spending
    save costs on training, onboarding, and equipment

  • Improved employee experience
    innovative, high-demand jobs are supported by internal personnel
  • Ability to scale team size and support rapid changes in order quantity

  • Increased productivity
    engineers focused on work vs. rework

  • Increased quality
    dedicated partner QA team with repeatable process and proven results

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