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Case Study

Increasing Indeed Results Without Increasing Spend

At a glance


A healthcare client with 500+ locations asked for help managing their Indeed advertising budget without increasing spending.


Audit the current state of the client's presence on Indeed, and determine how best to use the Indeed advertising budget based on their actual needs.


Almost immediately, we were able to increase clicks and applies while decreasing the cost per apply. 

Wicresoft partnered with a large healthcare organization to increase results without increasing the budget.

If you work directly with a media vendor, the solution to any question is almost always “spend more.” If you work with us, the solution is almost always “spend smarter”.

Indeed Case Study Challenge


When our healthcare client with 500+ locations asked us to help manage their Indeed advertising budget without increasing their spending. We took the time to determine how best to utilize their budget based on their unique hiring needs.  



Assessing how and where to allocate our client's budget was the main challenge. We determined which roles were the hardest to fill, how to bring more attention to those roles via paid Indeed ads, and maximized the efficacy of the existing job listings on the site.

Almost immediately, we increased clicks and applies while decreasing the cost per apply.

As the relationship progressed our focus with the campaign shifted to targeting their higher-level, hard-to-fill positions. This slowed the clicks and applies a little, but it allowed them to fill their pipeline with these hard-to-find individuals. Our impact was felt at every location in every state.


After 6 months in partnership, significant improvement had been made. 


Increase in applications


Increase in clicks


Decrease in cost per application

Our partnership is a true partnership. We speak with this client multiple times per month to review performance and provide recommendations. As a result, they have further utilized our expertise with a Facebook campaign, media recommendations, social media strategies and collateral development.  


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