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Fully-Managed Telecom Engineering: One Flat Rate

Does your telecom MSP make you pay-per-hour, for overtime, and for rework? With Wicresoft, you only pay-per-completed-task, always at ONE FLAT RATE. Our tool-agnostic, flexible, scalable, and US-based experts plug seamlessly into your team.

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Tier 1 Cable company using Wicresoft Engineering Teams
Case Study

Tier 1 cable company using Wicresoft engineering teams

Partnering with a Tier 1 cable company, Wicresoft improved efficiencies in three groups: Circuit Identification, Order Integrity, and Network Compliance.









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Customer Experience Survey Results

"Keep up the fast, thorough work! I appreciate how you take care of me and out customers in all areas!"

"My Wicresoft contractors do everything that I ask of them and I don't have any complaints. They do a phenomenal job!"

"Wicresoft has been doing an excellent job of supporting my teams."

"The support we receive is excellent, I don't have anything to suggest. We are very happy with the service we receive."

"Whenever I have contacted Wicresoft for assistance they have always been very helpful and quite quick to respond."

"They have excellent customer service and high-quality, skilled Engineers and leadership."

"The Wicresoft team has been doing a great job for quite some time. Open communication has led to this success... I can not say enough how much we appreciate the partnership with Wicresoft."

"The Wicresoft resources we utilize are responsive, flexible, and willing to do whatever we ask them to do. I have no complaints."