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A refreshing approach to recruitment marketing

Fresh strategies for discovering talent, engaging applicants, and keeping team members satisfied

Redefining talent attraction solutions

Though our leadership has deep roots in the recruitment marketing industry, June 2020 marked a significant milestone as Wicresoft emerged as a fresh name in this realm, signaling the dawn of a new chapter.

Our adaptability and focus on long-term relationships set the stage for continued leadership in connecting top talent with premier companies. At the heart of Wicresoft Recruitment Marketing lies a relentless pursuit of innovation, flexibility, and efficiency, enabling us to deliver unparalleled sourcing solutions across diverse industries.


"Our seasoned team has a proven track record of building strong client partnerships. We're dedicated to offering unparalleled service and an extensive suite of solutions tailored to address the complex demands of recruitment marketing for each of our clients. Leveraging our extensive experience, we confidently deliver excellence every step of the way."

Stacey Shaw | Vice President | Wicresoft Recruitment Marketing

What we do

We specialize in enhancing recruitment strategies with a targeted approach to campaign optimization and innovative solutions. Our comprehensive services include optimizing and managing sponsored job campaigns and paid digital media, crafting compelling employer brands and websites, and executing impactful social media marketing campaigns. Our efforts aim not only to fill your open positions but also to build a robust and consistent employer brand that attracts and retains top talent. Utilizing data-driven insights and our digital marketing expertise, we ensure our clients stand out in the competitive job market, making their recruitment efforts both efficient and effective.

Work smarter

"At Wicresoft, we're dedicated to making recruitment marketing work smarter. By fine-tuning job postings, telling authentic compelling stories about our customer’s brands, and engaging potential hires on social media, we connect the right people with the right roles."

Lori Greer | Customer Experience Manager | Wicresoft Talent Acquisition

Transformative impact

"One of the things I love the most about working at Wicresoft is witnessing the transformative impact we have on our clients' job posting performance. There's nothing quite like hearing the excitement in their voices as they experience firsthand the elevated ROI and success in candidate attraction that our solutions and our teams deliver."

Laura Martinelli | Talent Marketing Specialist | Wicresoft Talent Acquisition


We are trusted advisors

Clients choose to work with us long-term due to our deep understanding of recruitment marketing and our unwavering commitment to their success. We stand out by crafting personalized solutions that attract the right talent and align with our clients’ unique cultures and goals. Unlike others, we don’t push costly proprietary platforms that drain your budget without delivering results. Our foundation of trust, transparency, and proven results fosters enduring partnerships, making us an essential extension of their teams. This focused approach ensures we are not just a service provider but a trusted ally in their recruitment journey.

Our values

Trust is our cornerstone, guiding our commitment to cost-efficiency, consistency, and transparency. Our approach prioritizes not just the promise but the delivery of saving ourclients’ money, demonstrating that impactful results do not require extravagant spending. This philosophy, combined with our dedication to transparent communication and dependable service, has proven instrumental in cultivating enduring relationships.


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