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Managed telecom: reimagined

Our innovative strategy for managing telecom has led to significant financial savings and enhanced operational performance for our clients

We are not like other managed telecom providers

Wicresoft Managed Telecom is transforming telecommunications through a unique comprehensive approach to managed services, spanning the entire service delivery life cycle. Leveraging advanced technology and deep industry expertise, we ensure seamless operations for commercial telecom companies, enabling them to deliver exceptional service quality and connectivity. As the workhorse of the telecom system, we epitomize steady, reliable performance and unwavering consistency, making us the backbone upon which our clients build their success. 


We have an experienced team that has built strong relationships with our clients. We are focused on delivering the best service and a comprehensive portfolio that will meet the complex IT needs for all of our customers.

Michael Chamblin | Vice President | Wicresoft Managed Telecom

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Our story

Our story began in 2013, evolving from a versatile staffing and managed telecom provider to a leader in telecom services, where our unmatched expertise became our defining trait. Our journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, steering the future of telecom with precision and dedication. Our operation's hallmark is our unwavering reliability and consistency, ensuring we're always there when our clients need us. With our engineers spread across the continental United States, our remote operational model enables us to offer our comprehensive services anywhere in the country, embodying flexibility and efficiency at the heart of our approach. 


Culture creates chemistry

"One of the things that sets us apart from other companies is our team culture. We value collaboration, feedback, and continuous learning, and we support each other to achieve our goals."

Amanda Beatty | Technical Program Manager | Wicresoft Managed Telecom

Our values

Our core values are rooted in hard work, grit, and a commitment to growing our leaders from within, ensuring a deep, hands-on understanding of our industry's challenges and opportunities. Trust and integrity are at the forefront of every interaction, guiding our dedication to customer satisfaction and shaping a business approach that, while considered traditional by some, sets a standard for excellence in the telecom sector. 


Embracing Wicresoft values: curiosity

In the year 2023, Technical Program Manager, Darrell Sanders, notably started the Junior Engineering Program in an effort to give back to the community and the telecom industry. 

Under Darrell's leadership, the Junior Engineering Program was designed with a dual focus: to ignite a passion for technology and engineering among young talents and to equip them with the practical skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a competitive industry. Learn more about the Junior Engineering Program here.


What we do

We deliver end-to-end managed services exclusively for large commercial telecom providers, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that encompass the entire telecom process — from network engineering and circuit design to provisioning, activation, and beyond. Our holistic approach is distinguished by our use of the innovative widget model, with or without automation, which streamlines operations and enhances efficiency, allowing us to manage complex projects seamlessly from start to finish.  


Growth from within

"The Wicresoft Junior Engineering Program allowed me to get a jump start on my IT career. I knew I wanted to go into a job after high school, but I didn’t know where to start. MTBU put me on the right path, and now I have a career where I get paid to do what I love. Everybody I work with makes me feel welcomed, and my work is valued."

Cooper Violette | Junior Software Engineer | Wicresoft Managed Telecom

We are reimagining telecom

We're pioneering new strategies and introducing groundbreaking concepts to the sector. By defying traditional norms and adopting unique methods, we're setting a new standard. Discover how we're elevating managed telecom to unprecedented heights.

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The Wicresoft difference

Clients favor us as their trusted partner because our team embodies unparalleled telecom expertise from the ground up, ensuring exceptional proficiency across all ranks. This foundational knowledge underpins our commitment to a 100% accuracy guarantee. Our unique combination of experienced insight, unwavering quality, and dedicated partnership is why we're an integral part of our clients' success. 


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