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For many organisations, security is quickly moving up the priority list….

Every business is becoming increasingly aware of the threat of cyber-attack and intellectual property theft. Even as perimeter defences become more robust, the threat is still very much alive as it can often come from within. Security is no longer simply a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have” in today’s climate where cyber-crime is now a daily news event.

We already offer our clients a comprehensive range of security products and services – including physical, virtual and cloud solutions and, at a business level, Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus to encourage security best practice. We also help organisations achieve ISO 27001 Information Security Management System accreditation and meet GDPR requirements.

We are extending the value we can offer our clients, including a Security Operations Centre (SOC), Security Incident & Event Management Services (SIEM) and Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) expertise. These are all backed up by a portfolio of professional people, managed security products and services designed and priced at an affordable level to meet the needs of organisations in the SME, mid-market and Enterprise sector too. Whether you are looking to outsource, augment, purchase or subscribe, we have an offering for you backed by our mission “to be a part of your success”.

Please find below some of the IT Security solutions and services we can offer; please contact our team to discuss your needs in total confidence.


Penetration Testing

This assessment service is often the first port of call for an organisation to find out how vulnerable they are to attack. We will see what we can ethically attack internally as a standard user, and externally too, finding any holes before the hacking community do. We can also launch simulated phishing attacks against your internal users, using a variety of simple to sophisticated emails and produce results that can be used for education purposes.


Passive Analysis

We can produce a report that presents the information that is available on your organisation within the public domain and dark web – the type of information that can present hackers with exposed areas of your business which can be easily targeted. Discover your level of risk and exposure based on the types of information your organisation has either knowingly or unwittingly made available.




Security is a process, not an event and never solved by deploying technology alone. A good starting point for any company wanting to review their security is SecureStart – a fixed price consultancy package which offers practical recommendations by understanding your security posture first. SecureStart assesses your organisation’s appetite to risk and aims to understand what “good” looks like before offering an appropriately tailored set of recommendations based upon defined outcomes.



Provisioning and Activation

Basic Security Services

You may not be at the stage where you need a protective monitoring service, but you do require appropriate network and end-point level protection. Our basic security services are a suite of low-cost entry point services, offered as an extension of your IT team and include:

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Ransomware Protection
IT Infrastructure Solutions

Essential & Premium Security Services

You may need a protective monitoring service to monitor and respond to live security data and indicators of compromise in real time. We can monitor the security of your entire environment (storage databases, networks, applications, operating systems) whether they are on-premise or in the cloud/hybrid. This service includes such elements as Security Assurance – a 999 service in case of security attack, as well as proactive measures such as Honeypots deployed across 7 continents which can allow us to identify potential cyber-attacks before they hit our clients’ networks.

Managed IT Services _ Support

Being Proactive Towards Your Organisation's IT Security Can:

  • Mitigate unnecessary IT security risks
  • Minimise unnecessary costs associated with security incident clean up
  • Reduce downtime which can result in lost business
  • Help avoid regulatory fines
  • Demonstrate due diligence to clients and suppliers
  • Help protect your organisation’s reputation
  • Help improve the value from your existing security investments

Take Action & Move IT Security Up Your Priority List!


Our partnership with Zepko – a next-generation managed security services provider – enables us to bring clarity and a full suite of security offerings to our clients who have realised that security is not a “nice-to-have” but a “must have” in today’s climate.

Security is never solved through technology alone; it’s an ongoing process and we can help you achieve reliable and consistent outcomes.

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