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Fractional CIO - CIO Advisory from Wicresoft

Wicresoft offer a CIO Advisory Service. Any company can benefit from this service, but it is particularly suited for organisations on a high-growth trajectory wishing to elevate or re-shape their IT strategy, accelerate digital transformation or implement a business change programme.

Even companies who are not on a high-growth trajectory may benefit from a CIO; they may be disorientated or without strategy and our CIO Advisory Service could help accelerate their trajectory.


Our CIOs

Our CIOs are highly experienced and excellent communicators at all business levels, with a successful track record in a variety of organisations (including many Blue-Chip and FTSE 200 clients) in different market sectors. They have a vast amount of experience in developing and implementing operational performance improvements and can bring additional skills, knowledge and experience to your team through their extensive partner network.

Our CIOs can assist in many areas which include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Providing guidance and support in terms of the general direction of the business
  • Defining what IT strategy is required to underpin this
  • Assessing the supply chain that is needed to support the strategy
  • Recommending what kind of partners are needed to achieve the agreed business objectives
  • Creating a roadmap of how to reach these objectives
  • Managing multiple programmes and multiple teams
  • Building investment cases to present at Board level
  • Advising and presenting to the Board
  • Unifying and gaining buy-in from Directors and Managers with a view to working as one team around digital transformation and business change
  • Acting as a catalyst to bring an element of pace and purpose to the business
  • Offering an external viewpoint
  • Helping to drive and manage an agreed plan to achieve key deliverables on time and on budget


What the Service Entails

We follow a defined methodology from initial engagement through to implementation, go-live and ongoing business as usual.

Managed IT Services _ Support-1
We will assess the project capabilities by understanding the vision and current IT pain points, understanding business priorities and timelines, understanding and documenting the current IT landscape and identifying key business opportunities and risks
Order Entry and Integrity
We will provide new strategic IT direction aligned to the business priorities and timelines, define the future IT target operating model and define how we will mitigate key business risks and optimise opportunities
We will a develop a roadmap to delivery to ensure objectives are met on time and on budget
IT Advisory
We will deliver the agreed plan including actionable outcomes via a RAG report and clear documentation

Key Benefits to your Business

Clear Direction & Focus

Elevate/re-shape your IT Strategy or implement a business change programme to deliver results and remain profitable.

Direct Contract Engagements
External Expertise

Our CIOs are highly experienced and will provide additional expertise, skillsets and insight, as well as access to an extensive partner network, to complement in-house knowledge.

Highly Experienced

No need to invest in a permanent member of staff in challenging times; get access to additional knowledge at a discounted rate and spread the payments to help cash-flow.

Scale as Business Changes

We can be flexible as regards the level of commitment in terms of number of days and timescales.

Provisioning and Activation
Instant Access

Get access to expertise, right now – no searching for the right candidate, engaging recruitment agencies and prolonged interview process.

Client Driven
Results Driven

Clear, defined, actionable outcomes within a specific, agreed timescale.